About Us

Our company offers variety of university coursework online tutoring and consulting services for overseas students in order to assist them achieve their personal aims in terms of academic study. The university coursework online tutoring assists overseas students in successfully completing the school coursework and assignments, dissertations or projects by providing advice and assistance such as grammar, spelling, content structuring, business management, finance, accounting, data processing, programming, databases, web designs, and academic writing related skills etc. Assignment First employs highly experienced school teachers, and university teaching assistants and professors & expertise in the field of Accounting, Administration, Advertising, Aerospace Engineering, Agriculture, American Studies, Animal Science, Animation, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art & design, Beauty Therapy, Biochemistry, Biology, Business, Celtic Studies, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Child Care, Civil Engineering, Civil Rights, Classics, Communications, Computer science, Construction, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Dentistry, Development Studies, Drama and Theatre, E-Commerce, East and South Asian Studies, Ecology, Economics, Education, Electronic Engineering, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Estate Management, European Studies, Fashion, Film and TV Studies, Finance, Food Science, French, General Engineering, General Studies, Genetic Engineering, Geography, Geology, German, Health, Health and Safety, History, History of Art, Hospitality, Hotel Management, Housing, Human Resources, Human Rights, I.T., Industrial Engineering, Information Systems, International Relations, Italian, Journalism, Law, Leisure Management, Linguistics, Management, Marketing, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Middle Eastern & African Studies, Military, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Politics, Project Management, Property, Psychology, Public Relations, Real Estate, Religion, Sciences, Social Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Sports, Statistics, Supplier Chain Management, Teaching, Theology, Town and Country Planning, Transport, Travel and Tourism etc.. We have already been of assistance to hundreds of thousands overseas students to achieve very high grades in their institutions and schools. All our experts are postgraduates, PhD holders, teaching assistant and professors from top world universities.

Research Team

Based on our years of past experience and expertise in the area of academic research and consulting services, we fully understand the importance of learning and training process, which enabled us to have a very comprehensive and proud 1-2-1 academic training service team. Our team members can assist students in the academic fields from Business to Chemistry, and worldwide location from Sydney to New York. Our teaching team does not only provide undergraduate and postgraduate’s level of services and products, but we also have experts worked for the Ph.D. level of research with an in-depth investigation and specialised knowledge to deliver. As one of the highest standard of online education service providers, our team may carry out the appointed academic training research and investigation on student or parent’s behalves, team members can also help you to efficiently and actively assist you to collect and process research data and surveys in order to reach the level of academic journal publishing.

Academic Tutoring Team

We are committed to serving each student attain their academic goals and aims. Our teachers share a passion for teaching and specialising in coaching overseas students in terms of academic coursework, assignment, exams and school homework. We employ our unique individualised tutors and tailored to each student’s learning needs. Each team member specialises in a specific subject or grade level. Whether it is math, science, reading, or test preparation, we will assign you with the right tutor for your learning assistant needs. Our team members focus on current class material, filling missing gaps, strengthening basic fundamentals and increasing a student’s confidence. We also include study skills and time organisation skills. You are about receiving the combination of individualised attention and positive reinforcement that will enable you to quickly get back on the academic track and reach your goals and dreams at your university.

Quality Assurance Team

It is fundamental to our aims that we are able to add value to our academic services offered to our students, and ensure that we maximise the quality of the service within the field and the potential quality for you. With this in mind, the role of Quality Assurance Team is a fundamental one. Their skills and experience are of paramount importance; unsurprisingly, we ensure that team members are all are expert, and highly qualified, in their specific areas. In addition, we employ Turnitin Plagiarism Checker for your own work and other measures to establish correct protocol. As a company we use, and continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure that we are have the best tools available for your academic study. The Quality Team oversees the process at every step, to ensure that each work is handled by our tutors in the best possible way and that your specific requirements are met. At various points during the process, samples are taken and tested to ensure conformity, and only once the green light is given by you or your parents can the work move to the next stage. Once the process is completed, the service undergoes further testing to measure the level of quality, to ensure that the required added value has been met or exceeded. The quality of each work is examined under microscopes by experts to ensure that only the best quality is reached and delivered to you.

Customer Service Team

We are committed to offering the highest level of customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Should you experience a problem please use the contact details below to ensure that we can address any issues you may have as quickly as possible. Any member of our friendly customer service team will always be ready to answer your questions as well as provide all aspects of helps. Each customer service staff has a enriched experience to serve you better. At the same time, they are also a key bridge to connect you to each of our team member in other departments. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact them immediately, our consulting services are open 24 hours online.